We believe that driving is more than an action - it’s a state of mind, an attitude, a way of life.

Our mission is to provide an unforgettable racing experience for our customers in a safe and controlled environment, pushing them just beyond what they thought were their limits.

We are drivers. We believe in exhilaration through acceleration. We believe adrenaline trumps practicality, and that the edge of our comfort zone is where we learn the most. We believe that in this day of congestion and commuting, we are not alone in our longing for the freedom to run wide open, pushing the limits of grip and skill. It’s not about taking things to the extreme with abandoned disregard, but pushing beyond the comfortable deliberately, often, and with purpose.

For us, driving isn’t just about power and speed, it’s a constant and unending challenge to improve. A challenge to better leverage our strengths while improving on our weaknesses. Improvement is paramount to staying competitive, whether it’s shaving a tenth of a second off of our lap times or changing direction entirely.


BOSS PRO-Karting is dedicated to finding the driver in all of us.


BOSS PRO-Karting is a family business founded by cousins Brad Copley and Lee Boss. Growing up in the Boss family meant growing up with an affinity for anything with a motor and wheels, and that’s something that doesn’t skip generations. Brad grew up attending races with the family, began wrenching for a sprint car team at age 13, and then went on to a successful career in sales and marketing – crossing paths with the motorsports world whenever possible. Lee started racing go-karts at a young age and progressed through the ranks driving everything from 100+ mph shifter karts and supermodifieds, to USAC sprint cars and SCCA sports cars before entering the business world himself.

Over Thanksgiving dinner, Brad and Lee decided they were done living double-lives. It was time to combine that family interest and passion for racing with their business experience and Boss Pro-Karting began to take shape.

BOSS PRO-Karting was founded on the idea of bringing the thrills of competitive driving and pure speed to everyone in NE Ohio. Most people never get the chance to experience pushing a vehicle to its limits due to the cost and commitment of owning a race car, and that wasn’t acceptable for Lee and Brad. They envisioned a place where getting some track time in a true racing machine was as simple as joining a “rec league”. A place where novices and professional drivers alike could take laps and hone their skills. A dedicated facility where groups and teams could share a thrilling experience while enjoying each other’s company and learning to work better together. An affordable track where the next generation of racers could explore their dreams of competing on the world stage.

That place was created in BOSS PRO-Karting.