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We do it all: Company retreats, sales conferences, continuing professional development, annual meetings, client and intern events, orientation programs, networking, educational events and even celebrations and one-of-a-kind events created expressly for your organization. All are expertly performed with two clearly defined goals. First, we simplify the process for you and eliminate the stress; then we create a memorable and enjoyable event with lasting everyday value. All events are race-ready; with racing suits, helmets, and karts provided.

BOSS Pro-Karting’s highly skilled staff delivers the unique combination of time-tested programs with an interactive race experience. BOSS’ corporate training and facilitated meetings are designed to engage, entertain, and drive the best from your best. Each program is fully customized to your objectives, delivering skills that are transformative and sustainable. Elements of Corporate Training and Team Building are blended together around the hallmarks of both business and racing – Discipline, Teamwork, Speed, and Creativity. Our team will work with you to identify goals and customize a program that is both uniquely yours and uncommonly powerful.

Corporate Events at BOSS Pro-Karting feature the full use of our 36,000 sq. ft. facility, including conference rooms, catering, and racetrack. Your team will be involved in meetings and races, competing on the track and working together in pit crews. They will work to overcome setbacks, challenge personal limits, and prove that teams outperform individuals. The result is an unforgettable experience that drives genuine teambuilding success and will galvanize your organization.

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Social Events

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Real racing creates an event unlike any other! Whether you’re celebrating a Graduation, Anniversary, Retirement Party, Birthday Party, Family Reunion, Bachelor or Bachelorette Party, even a Wedding – BOSS Pro-Karting is the perfect venue for your private party. We also create a unique venue for exciting and successful fundraisers and teambuilding for your organization. At BPK, your private event will go far beyond what people are expecting. The intrigue of a unique event will get them to show up, but the excitement and adrenaline will have them staying until the end. BOSS Pro-Karting delivers with perfect detail and style that’s hard to fine. It's guaranteed to make your event an unforgettable experience.