WIN a Race Day in a 50mph Race Kart at Fremont Raceway Park in the BOSS Race Day Challenge

Race Day Challenge

Do you want to be the very best AND win awesome rewards!? Now you can with our Fast Times of the Month Leaderboard! If you place in the top 5 fastest times of the month you’ll get your name entered into a raffle for a chance to win a FREE Arrive and Drive race in a Coyote Gas Clone race kart at Fremont Raceway Park. The higher you are on the Leaderboard the more names you get thrown into the raffle.

BOSS Race Day Challenge Rules:

  1. Must be registered with a valid email and phone number in your account information for us to contact you.

  2. Let us know if you make the leaderboard and you get to put your name up on our wall of fame! Our staff will be watching for fast times, but if you want yours counted make sure to let us know about your quick time at the front desk.

  3. Must be 18 years and older.

  4. At the end of every month we will put the top 5 racers on our ‘Fast Times of the Month’ into the drawing. The higher your ranking on our leaderboard the more tickets you get entered into the drawing thus increasing your chance to win. After the drawing for each season all names will be removed and we’ll start fresh.

1st - 5 Tickets entered into drawing. 2nd - 4 Tickets entered into drawing.

3rd - 3 Tickets entered into drawing. 4th - 2 Tickets entered into drawing.

5th - 1 Ticket entered into drawing.

BOSS Challenge Nights

What is a Challenge Night?

Challenge Nights at BOSS are when the racers come to race. Fast "regulars" from BPK? They're here. Professional drivers/riders/racers? They're here. Passionate drivers that may be seconds off of the track record but determined to learn from the best? They're here too.

Each Challenge Night will have drivers facing a different challenge to get you out of your element, learn some new skills, and have a lot of fun along the way. From straight-up racing in a variety of formats, to track changes, to on-track racing "games" you'll never get that dreaded "comfortable" feeling. We all learn the most just outside of our comfort zone, and that's where we're going to keep you!

How do I join the fun?

Just check out the schedule below and head to the track on those dates - it's as simple as that! This is NOT a running points series, so you don't have to make a months-long commitment and everyone is welcome.

You don't have to be crazy fast, but you will need to have good control over your kart for the types of racing we'll be doing. While Challenge Nights aren't a great place for true beginners, you're in the right place if you've turned a few laps with us before and are ready to take things to the next level.

Challenge Night Setup:

  • Each night will pose a unique challenge for drivers
  • Open to all racers with good kart control and a desire to improve their skills
  • Challenge Nights will run twice monthly per the schedule below
  • The entry fee for each Challenge Night will be $65 and drivers can expect to hit the track about 5 times

June 5th

Rallycross Night

With the American Rallycross guys coming to Mid-Ohio this weekend, we set up the track at BPK with a joker lap and even installed some speed bump 'jumps'!

Johnf had a dominant night, but mxridr210 was hot on his heels in second with his return to Challenge Night! Tweek was strong early, but after a run-in with one of our 'jumps' floating around the track he went from 1st to last on the final lap of his qualifier, dragging him back to 3rd overall.

challenge 6-19.jpg

June 19th

You win some, you automatically place on the podium some

We were decidedly short on drivers tonight. The first week without constant rain, right in the heart of race season left us with only JohnF and BFeimer out at the track. The BPK crew decided they both deserved the win for the night and we got the chance to run a few laps with them for a change.

As for which employees were slower than our Challenge Night die hards, I refuse to comment.

challenge 7-3.jpg

July 3rd

Leader Outside the Cone and Tiny Kart Racing

Back with a full roster this week, we got in some great leader outside the cones racing. Bad Johnson once remained pretty dominant throughout the night, somehow always on top as the checkers came out.

...until the final. Tweek stole the win for the night during the final pushing Bad Johnson to second, and JohnF coming in a solid third.

To celebrate, we thought it only fitting to have the Challenge Night crew give our X1 Junior Karts their first true test on the track at BPK. They looked ridiculous. It was awesome.

Challenge 7-13.jpg

July 17th

Joker Lap Racing

A different track layout and heavy side-by-side racing with a 'leader outside the cones' format gave Justin George his first Challenge Night win! He's been the bridesmaid MANY TIMES at Challenge Night, but finally got his shot at the top of the podium. Congrats Justin!

We'd also like to give a shoutout to Justin's awesome YouTube channel Average Karting and a great video he made from Race 2 of the night: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSxvIaaQFKQ


July 31st

BOSS Pro-Karting 3 year anniversary and Drift Night!

Tonight our Pro-GT and Challenge Night drivers hit the track with our new Drift setup on the karts! It was all about finesse and skill as the whole crew worked to get from 3-5 spins PER LAP to 1 or 2 per session out and they made some huge gains.

By the end of the night we still had some work to do, but we had a few good wall taps and some tandem corners, showing once again how good our top drivers are. The kart control needed to stay on the throttle with the rear end on ice is really impressive and it was fun to watch them tame a new skill. Pictures and video coming soon.


August 28th

Thank you all for coming out last night for what turned out to be our largest Challenge Night to date! You guys showed up in such force (over 25 drivers strong) we had to bail on the BPK Duels format and brawl it out in a short track racing setup with qualifying, heat races, and several mains to get us to our feature race.

Congratulations to Rocket Man and urslow for impressive podium finishes, and Jake Watchman for bringing home the win and the hardware! All 3 of our top finishers are new to Challenge Nights and beat out some VERY skilled and experienced drivers for those top 3 spots.

BPK Oval.png

September 11th

Racing Starts at 7pm

Results coming soon!

BPK Oval.png

September 25th

Racing Starts at 7pm

Results coming soon!

BPK Oval.png

October 9th

Racing Starts at 7pm

Results coming soon!

What makes BOSS Challenge Nights Special?

Racing is all about community. Ask any pro driver to tell you a racing story and it may start out with talk about a specific race, pass, or accident, but it always ends up focusing on people. Their crew, their competitors, their friends at the track - the people we race with and the passion we all share for racing is why we all do it. While we chase that tenth of a second, celebrate a miraculous win, or struggle through the disappointment of a crashed car, the people surrounding us are the magic element that makes it all worth it.

BOSS Challenge Nights are a way for our community to get together with others who are passionate about driving, improving, and learning with plenty of laughing and trash talking along the way! It's time for the great groups of racers that have become family at BPK to finally meet each other, and for the passionate 'lone racers' to have a night where they can walk in to a crowd of familiar faces on tough competitors. It's time for the professional racers, the motorsports industry, and the driving enthusiasts to have a common place and time to bond through racing the ever loving sh*t out of some go karts!

Challenge Night Gallery

challenge 7-3 podium.jpg
20190130_212925 (1).jpg
Challenge 0102.jpg
Challenge 2-27.jpg

Build Your Own League!

Do you have a group of 10 or more friends or colleagues that want to set up a race series of your own and completely on your schedule? We can do that too Just email lee.boss@bossprokarting.com to set up a meeting where we can discuss schedule, race formats, scoring, and build out your "Awesome Name Here" Racing League!

Check out some of the action from our last round of leagues in the videos below!